Kanjani8 Concerts - Exctie, Heat up, Spirits, 47 Tour

Update my LJ ^_^

Nothing special, it's just a few old concerts about Kanjani 8. All of them aren't mine. I downloaded them from community, forum bakanosekai. They are RAW. I only reupload them and post them in my forum, LJ. I know that someone posted them before. Just link mirrors. I don't want  my LJ no update a long time ~~. If one of them is yours, please tell me. I will write credit. Or you don't  like repost them. Ok, I will delete them ><. I wish I had enough money to buy all of them ><.
I can only post link MU.

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Please support Kanjani8 by buying original DVD if you can ^^
I wll continue update this post.

PS: I have many things which I have to do. But I felt sad and I don't want to do anything ><.


Johnnys Adult Ceremony - Seijinshiki (成人式 ) news clips

New update ^_^.
One day, my love with Ryo rise up strongly ><. I chated with my friend a lot a lot about Ryo and realizead that I didn't know anything else about Ryo's Adult Ceremony ><. Therefore, I searched it everywhere ;__;. Yeah... very lucky... finally I found a Js Adult Ceremony 2005's clip. Yes, it is Ryo's Adult Ceremony and had Koyama, Jin, Yasuda, Toma in this clip :D. I found some clips of Yamapi, Kame, Ohkura, Taguchi, Tanaka,...too. I want share them to everyone ^_^. Thank murasaki-luna and mikiTN for these clips.
I was just wondering if Adult Ceremony clips of Masuda, Shige, and Tegoshi have or not. I haven't found them. Maybe you know, please tell me.
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PS1: Last week, I'm so busy that I can't usually update my LJ ><. Recently, my internet is very very crazy ~~, I felt crazy, too o_O.
PS2: Sorry, my english very terrible ><. I hope you can understand.

All PVs of NEWS

Today, I will update things which I had.
All PVs of NEWS.
For new fans of NEWS and fans of NEWS.
Something, You can lost them and want to look at them again ^_^.  I hope you feel happy when you found it which you want.

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PS: I uploaded all at my forum, if you are Vietnamese or know Vietnamese, you can visit my forum at A website about JE of  Vietnamese ^_^.

PS1: I'm searching  versions better(HQ) and update, if you know, please tell me, thank ^__^

[DVD]NEWS - Nippon 0304(concert)

Today, I will continue to update my LJ ^_^
Before, I found out and downloaded NEWS's spring concert 2004. Ahhhh! It is HQ, but It has some troubles +_+. Nearly, I have already bought DVD Nippon 0304, sory it is a copy , I can't buy original DVD T__T. Lucky, spring concert 2004 in this DVD. I ripped it. It  rather heavy ^^. Because I want it is HQ, hehe.  I decided upload on my LJ for who can't buy original DVD and looking for it.

Link Download
001 | 002 | 003 | 004 

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Please support NEWS by buying original DVD if you can ^^

PS: I feel my english so bad T_____T

[DVD]NEWS - Never Ending Wonderful Story

I only want to talk I love them so much NEWS >o<
I want to do something for NEWS. But now I very very busy T_T. I will manage them then. The simple working which I can do, that is uploading all of NEWS's media ^^.
This DVD I uploaded it on my forum, I only upload it again on my LJ.
I wish you who looking for it enjoy.

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Please do not use my links without my knowledge.

PS: Tomorrow, I have a exame japanese T_T. I feel very worry T_T.


Kanjani8's PVs

I've only known JE about half year.
I'm a big fan of NEWS and also a fan of Kanjani8.
And I love Ryo so much ><.
I searched and collected many PVs, Singels, Albums, DVDs, TV shows , v.v...  about  groups of JE.  Of course,  almost of them is NEWS's and Kanjani8's ^_^.
I want to share it for who is looking for it.

Now, below is Kanjani8's PVs and Caps.
I hope you enjoy ^_^
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Wellcome ^^

Hi ^^
This is the first time I use livejournal.
I want to use English on it.
Ah, my native language is Vietnamese.
My skills English isn't good ; _ ;
I hope everyone can understand.